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Feb 2

Seminar: Applied Biomechanics - Surgical Robots

Robotic surgery is transforming traditional surgical methods. This seminar, on 2 February 2017, brings together leading researchers in medical robotics, and is hosted by Yiannis Ventikos, Head of UCL Mechanical Engineering.

  • The application of robotics in the medical field offers high accuracy, the integration of Computer Aided resources, supporting the surgeons with providing detailed perception, and allowing autonomy where required.

    Invited speakers include:

    Prof Brian Davies
    Imperial College London
    Brian Davies is an Emeritus Professor of Medical Robotics at Imperial College London, where he has been since 1983, and is also a senior research investigator there. He has a PhD in Medical Robotics and was awarded a DSc. in 2001 for his international contribution to Robotic and Computer Aided Surgery systems.

    Prof Ferdinando Rodriguez y Baena
    Imperial College London
    Ferdinando Rodriguez y Baena is a professor in mechanical engineering and leads the Mechatronics in Medicine Laboratory at Imperial College London. His current research interests lie in the application of mechatronic systems to medicine, in the specific areas of clinical training, diagnostics and surgical intervention.

    Dr Paula Gomes
    British Standards Institution
    Paula Gomes is a medical technology professional with international business experience and an R&D background. Her experience spans multiple specialties, including surgical robotics, minimally invasive surgery, neurostimulation and cardiology. Over the last 15 years in medical devices, she has delivered compelling solutions to issues faced by blue chip organisations and early stage ventures.

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    16.15 – 18.00, Thursday 2 February 2017

    Roberts Building G06 Sir Ambrose Fleming LT, Roberts Engineering Building, Torrington Place, London, WC1E 7JE