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Rosetrees Trust Interdisciplinary Prize 2017: internal selection process

The Rosetrees Trust Interdisciplinary Prize 2017 is an award worth up to £250,000 over 3 years to stimulate collaborative research between medicine and engineering.

  • The 2016 Rosetrees Trust Interdisciplinary Prize was won by Institute of Healthcare Engineering researchers Dr Rebecca Shipley and Dr Simon Walker-Samuel for their project investigating T-cell therapy for pancreatic cancer. Find out more about their project on the UCL Engineering website.

    As UCL is only able to submit one application for this prestigious award, the UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering will be managing an internal selection process.

    Internal application deadline: 16 January 2017

    With the aim of developing collaborative studies between researchers in different fields that will result in breakthroughs that have real potential to improve human health, applications (maximum of one per individual) must:

    • be truly interdisciplinary in nature – and clearly represent collaboration between two different departments (one in the Faculty of Engineering and the other in the Faculty of Medical Sciences)
    • relate to any disease or medical condition which affects a significant proportion of the population.

    Applications will be reviewed by an internal panel of independent reviewers within UCL, who will assess a range of criteria including:

    • experience and track record of the researchers
    • importance of the research
    • the interdisciplinarity of the project
    • how well placed the researchers are to carry out the study
    • impact of the research and potential for future benefit
    • whether the scale and nature of funding is appropriate

    There is no limit to the number of applicants per proposal, but two lead applicants should be named. Please submit applications to Eric de Silva by end-of-play on 16 January 2017 including:

    • a two page project proposal (Arial/Helvetica size 11 font, 2cm margin) suitable for a panel of academics inclusive of supporting figures and references which outlines the following:
      • Project background – identifying the problem and the aim of the study
      • Researchers involved, nature of interdisciplinarity and relevant experience of applicants
      • Plan of research study – what is involved and approach to be taken
      • Time frames and expected cost (does not need to be a complete breakdown, just a statement of how money will be used i.e. salary, PhD studentships or consumables)
    • maximum two-page CVs of the two lead researchers

    For more information, please contact Eric de Silva, Research and Development Manager for the Institute of Healthcare Engineering.