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Aug 3

Two recent grants hope to advance understanding and capabilities within the field of ophthalmology

Two grants related to the field of ophthalmology have been accepted, which are hoped will advance understanding and capabilities within ocular healthcare in line with the underlying vision of our Flagship programme Eyes for Life: Warn, Maintain, Enhance.

  • Moorfields Eye Charity have retained funding for a three year grant of £42,539 to support a dedicated Deep Learning workstation. The principal investigators of the grant, titled “Deep learning and neural networks for Adaptive Optics image processing in longitudinal studies”, are Dr Christos Bergeles, Dr Angelos Kalitzeos, and Prof Michel Michaelides.

    The other grant is “Ornate India- the UK-India collaboration to increasing research capacity and capability to tackle blindness due to diabetic retinopathy”. The global diabetes epidemic, at particularly high levels in India, has significantly increased cases of blindness through diabetic retinopathy by damaging the blood vessels leading to the retina due to high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. This £6,000,000 Research Councils UK (RCUK) grant is hosted at Moorfields Eye Hospital by Lead Applicant Prof Sobha Sivaprasad and in collaboration with Healthcare Engineering Lead Dr Christos Bergeles. It aims to tackle this avoidable form of blindness by evaluating cost-effective imaging measures for screening diabetic retinopathy globally.