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May 12

First Clinical Leads formally appointed

Katie Konyn

in News

In a major step towards ensuring the Institute’s key remit of improving patient care via large-scale clinically-driven projects, the first Clinical Leads for the Institute have been formally announced.

  • Clinical Leads are appointed in order to be a figurehead for their respective Flagship Programmes, serving as the first point of contact for clinicians and academics in their research field. These appointments are instrumental in ensuring the strategy of the Flagship is properly realised within the relevant NHS Trust, NIHR Biomedical Research Centres and academic schools.

    Each Clinical Lead is a consultant at one of UCL’s associated specialist hospitals as well as being a member of UCL academic staff. Their role is for a period of two years, where, together with recently appointed Engineering Leads, they will work actively to encourage medical innovation and implement the translation of cutting-edge scientific discovery into clinical practice.

    A few words from our leads:

  • Eyes for Life: Warn, maintain, enhance

    Clinical Lead: Lyndon da Cruz
    “Ophthalmology has benefitted greatly from advances in engineering progress with microscopes, lasers, artificial lenses as well as the ever-smaller surgical tools that allow micro-precise interventions. Despite these already existing synergies between engineering and ophthalmology, the advent of new cellular and molecular level treatments such as stem cell therapies and gene therapies mean that once again new and innovative engineering solutions are required.”

    Engineering Lead: Christos Bergeles:
    “I am excited to be working with Prof. da Cruz on the Eye for Life Flagship Programme. Prof. da Cruz is an international leader in regenerative medicine for ophthalmology, and together with his keen interest in engineering, he is ideally placed to ensure the success of the Flagship.”

  • Engineering for Vascular Disease: Solutions for the Pandemic

    Clinical Lead: Janice Tsui
    “Bringing together dedicated, world class clinicians, engineers and scientists will lead us to innovative solutions to the challenges of managing vascular disease. I am very excited to be part of this Flagship Programme.”

    Engineering Lead: Vanessa Diaz
    “I cannot stress enough how critical it is for engineers and clinicians to work side by side. The fact that the Vascular Flagship has a strong clinical and engaged lead is essential for this to succeed”

  • Moving Forward, from brain to muscle and beyond

    Clinical Lead: Alister Hart
    “As an orthopaedic surgeon I have seen the impact of excellent engineering solutions for my patients and I believe there are more engineering innovations to come”