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Apr 6

From big data to precision medicine: our journey to improve neuroradiology

Last month we visited Big Data World at London ExCel to hear some of the latest developments in the field and share our experience with how this might impact healthcare.

  • Algorithms have the potential to spot disease patterns by analysing large amounts of population data, identify disease biomarkers from imaging data or provide ways of improving hospital infrastructure. However, as data protection becomes an ever more pressing issue how does the sector balance the need to protect patient privacy with the access levels required to create robust algorithms? How do you actually go about getting clinical approval for this technology and where should we draw the line in letting algorithmic insights influence clinical decisions?

    These were the kinds of pertinent questions being tackled at Big Data World, 21-22 March 2018, a conference focused on the latest cutting-edge technologies, issues and trends in the field. Our Director, Professor Sebastien Ourselin, joined a panel session on the first day discussing ‘How A.I. and machine learning are transforming health and care?’ and spoke on the second day on ‘From big data to precision medicine: our journey to improve neuroradiology’.

    We were delighted to participate in this sector event to have the chance to put forward the healthcare angle for the field.

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