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This flagship program will focus on the development of novel diagnostics and therapeutics for oral disease.

Innovation in Oral Health for 21st Century challenges

UCL Eastman Dental Institute & Eastman Dental Hospital

UCL Eastman Dental Institute is the largest postgraduate dental school in Europe and has a reputation as one of the world’s leading academic centres for dentistry.

The Eastman Dental Hospital (EDH) is one of UK’s largest secondary and tertiary care providers of dentistry in North London. It has been established for over 60 years and caters for patients north of the river and further afield, treating around 85,000 outpatients annually.

Novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for oral diseases

Early diagnostic tools and strategies for chemoprevention of oral cancer
Genetic markers of risk and management of complications of cancer therapy to the mouth and face

  • Novel biomarkers for the link between oral inflammation and systemic diseases
  • Next generation light-activated antimicrobial agents for oral infection to prevent antimicrobial resistance
  • Novel antioxidants in the therapy of gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Novel electrostimulating device for debilitating salivary gland disease in systemic inflammation
  • Early diagnosis of congenital/acquired dental tissue defects & loss via novel intra-oral imaging

Smart tissue restoration and/or regeneration

Examples of applications include:

  • Next generation of “smart” antimicrobial self-regenerative materials for dental restorations
  • Nerve regeneration in the oral cavity
  • Advanced scaffolds for connective tissue regeneration